A Foolish Attempt at Soldering an FPC Connector with 0.5mm Pitch, and a Prototyping PCB Design

A project log for PIP-Watch

Pip-Watch (Personal Information Panel) is an open-source smart watch with an ePaper display, a bluetooth modem, and a Li-Ion accumulator.

jaraJara 05/18/2014 at 09:120 Comments

Mechanical drawing of my EPD ePaper display GDE021A1 is shown below. Signals to the display are connected via a 24-pin flex flat cable. The pitch between pins is only 0.5mm. A suitable matching connector is MOLEX 52435-2471 FPC RCPT 24PIN 1ROW.

On Thursday I tried soldering thin wires directly on the MOLEX connector I got from Farnell. However, my attempt was very naïve because the pitch between pins on the connector is only 0.5mm. So I failed.

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