Fuel Mate Prototype

This app is for :

mobile- person seeking assistance/purchasing gas

ipad- gas attendant/providing assistance to mobile user

The user enters the gas station, places an order via the mobile application. All user data is entered upon sign up ( profile/vehicle info, credit card info, apple pay, paypal, etc.) This allows for easy purchasing without ever having to leave their vehicle. Once the order has been placed, a notification is sent & appears on the gas attendant's ipad. This also includes the user's purchase info (gas amount, cost, gas pump number and vehicle info) The attendant can then easily identify the user, pump their gas and the user can either choose to have a printed receipt or one emailed to them.

For added features:

-aside from purchasing gas- users can purchase convenience store items and a car wash

-save common transactions made for future gas station visits

**This application could also potentially be used for mothers with babies and young children in the event that they do not want to leave them unattended in their vehicle.