It's here =D Let's rip it apart

A project log for Auto Ripper - BD/DVD Changer for automated ripping

In this project I'll hack a CD Changer to use a BD drive and automate the ripping of BDs/DVDs on my PC

Babo96Babo96 05/26/2016 at 21:590 Comments

Ok I happily received a giant package, it was about 1m by 50cm by 60cm and I was shocked whether I underestimated the size, but luckily the seller just meant it really good with the packaging.

So here it is:

And to get an idea about how exactly the loading mechanism works I fired it up, it works well here's a video:

And as you might have guessed it can't stay together too long so I started with ripping everything out I won't need (I kept all the parts)

Just leaving the bare case and the main part of the CD Changing mechanism.

Tomorrow I'll modify the original CD sled to fit my BD Rom drive.

See you again Babo