The aim of this project is to explore diodes in unconventional uses, including, but not limited to the following crazy ideas. I need a place to document experiments as I go, without necessarily working towards a well-defined goal, and this is that place. If you're interested in contributing, send me a note; I'll add you to the project.

Diode-Diode Logic (spinoff from #The Diode Clock)

  • Faster (I'd like to see 1 MHz clock frequencies before building a computer)
  • SMD parts
  • Using actual RF components (PIN /Schottky diodes)
  • Better fan-out
  • Diode memories (diode/capacitor DRAM)

Linear Amplifiers

  • Headphone amplifier
  • Diode op-amp
  • Boutique audio (get that "diode sound")


  • RC
  • LC
  • XTAL


  • LEDs + photodiodes - you do the math

Homebrew Devices

  • Copper oxide
  • Selenium
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Borax rectifiers
  • Crystal (galena) diodes
  • Scavenged silicon

Power Supplies

  • Diode-only (GUNN/IMPATT/tunnel)
  • Mechanical (spark gap / high-speed alternator)
  • Better supplies using transistors and ICs (the horror!)

And anything else relating to semiconductors that walk on two legs.