Choosing a SSD1306 lib

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This battery powered device is a all-in-one toolbox : WiFi AP, 3D printer remote, clock, serial console, sensors hub, and many more...

arcadia-labsArcadia Labs 05/24/2016 at 23:130 Comments

I have to find a SSD1306 compatible with ESP8266. I need it to be simple and fast.

Fortunately, I found

It is easy to use, easy to hack, with very nice UI functions : it works like a scrolling carousel, and I could use this feature and 2 pushbuttons to navigate in menus.

It also has a overlay feature, very handy to draw some kind of "status bar".

Here is an example :

The lib is so good I forked it and I'm now contributing to the dev branch ( I added the drawLine function and a quick/dirty hack for multilevel menus (I will soon improve that).