A project log for ESP Swiss Knife

This battery powered device is a all-in-one toolbox : WiFi AP, 3D printer remote, clock, serial console, sensors hub, and many more...

arcadia-labsArcadia Labs 07/05/2016 at 13:560 Comments

First, I'm very happy to see my little project on Hackaday frontpage today. Thanks Hackaday !

Here are some pictures of the device :

The inside

Cover and buttons

Device start-up... Hello Jolly Wrencher ! :)

Test rig using the utility socket : a potentiometer to simulate analog input, and a IR receiver module to simulate digital input.

Analog monitor, with min, actual and maximum values, while playing with the potentiometer

Digital monitor while playing with the IR receiver and a TV remote (sorry for the blur, difficult to capture). Sampling speed could be changed with 10Hz increments. Next feature will be a new running mode, starting only on a pin change, sampling during a fixed time, and then showing on a scrollable / zoomable static graph.