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An site to share buildable kits

Kaspar EmanuelKaspar Emanuel 07/08/2016 at 17:070 Comments

Since I have entered this project into the Citizen Scientist round for the Hackaday Prize I want to make a case for its inclusion.

Reproducibility is a core principle of the Scientific Method and as a community of electronic experimenters we have a problem: it is too hard to replicate and validate each other's work. Both CERN and Hackaday have recognized this and that is why we have project sharing sites such as and CERN's Open Hardware Repository. Clearly we are making progress.

One of the fundamental road blocks, one that Kitnic is trying to address in a very focused way, is the friction encountered looking at someone else's project. How can I get a PCB? What other parts do I need? On a Kitnic page the answer is very obvious and ordering the right bits is just a click away.

We want to make this standard practice for everyone that is happy to share their electronics work. This will foster collaboration in the present and serves as documentation for the future when the creator has long moved on to other things.

image: CC- BY Jean Peccoud