Quantity   Component name
1 × Orange Pi One Heart of the system. Colloquially the oppai.
1 × Nexx WT3020h Small hackable router
1 × 12v to 5v 50W Step Down module Originally waterproof, removed from housing.
1 × 5v to 12V Step up converter For safely powering LEDs/fans without the risk of unstable solar-sourced power.
1 × USB to SATA adaptor Self explanatory
1 × 500GB 2.5" Hard disk Whatever's lying around will probably do
1 × 128GB MIXZA Shark Micro SD card Most storage is on the 2.5, so you could use a 2GB for all it matters. Also >Memes
1 × Female to Male RJ45 cable Shorter the better
1 × SATA Cable Ditto
1 × Flat short ethernet cable For connecting the router to the pi
3 × Type A Female to Micro B Male USB OTG adaptor Used for various tasks. Get spared
2 × Female USB breakout board Allows charging of unrelated devices from the internal power supply.
2 × Male RCA Plug To make yourself a power cable
2 × Female RCA plug Easy to mount. Not entirely unsuitable for the job.
1 × Casing Anything will do. I regret not building one myself, just used a plastic storage box.
120 × MM/MF/FF Jumper wires Gets stuff built