encrypted messaging on virtually any device

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0 followers is trying to shake up the world of encrypted communications. Requiring very little to no information from you, and accessible nearly anywhere you can load a webpage.

It is in some ways unique, unlike Telegram uses trusted RSA and AES encryption for content and messages and unlike whatsapp it will only require an email, no cellphone app or phone number required. And of course similar to both services, all encryption is preformed locally on your device not ours meaning we will never have access to any of your communications at any time.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance; the service will never harvest or sell your personal information. And that includes not featuring any advertisements on the site, as we all know how bad these have become recently.

Basic How it Works

For starters the service uses trusted SSL encryption to deliver content to your device. The content itself has also been encrypted beforehand using the same system we use for encrypting messages. This ensures privacy even if your local network, or the messaging servers themselves has been breached.

Then finally we have messaging. Once the full system has been developed, you will create encryption keys for each and every person you communicate with. These keys will randomly generate every few messages, and will be encrypted with your personal password to assure 100% privacy.

Currently in the protoype, messages are saved in plaintext unless encrypted with a password , Currently only a hash of the password is saved for verification before attempting decryption.

I am currently raising funds through kickstarter:

  • Minor news and updates

    Mike C06/06/2016 at 15:12 0 comments

    I've done a bit of development. I've got the database finally fleshed out, and some basics of the user system completed. Possibly could have an actual beta to replace the prototype in a month or so.

    I've even noticed that the current prototype works on the PlatStation4's web-browser, but sadly does not currently work on the vita, this might be simple a timeout issue from keys taking so long to generate, that could possibly be fixed later down the road.

    "Virtually Any Device" is starting to include a lot more than just cellphones and laptops.

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