Notes from Taking Bit Around the Weldon School

A project log for Bit the RoboDawg

A loving family robot dog

Orlando HoilettOrlando Hoilett 06/18/2016 at 13:000 Comments

Friday, June 3, 2016

Taking around BME: May need to decrease the light intensity a bit more. Still having trouble differentiating between north and northwest/northeast. Maybe use one less LED to narrow the BitBeacon beam width. Or decrease the buffer zone in the code that delineates north from northwest or northeast.

Maybe if Bit could detect when it’s in a room and act appropriately.

We still have to more or less direct the IR lights. Bit is not ready for follow-me action yet. It still has to be directed 20% of the time or so.

Also, for clearing doors. Maybe if Bit could detect that there is a door open maybe a command “Come through the door.” Then if Bit could determine the best route to take to come through the door and start following the Beacon after that.

Or maybe, when we get into a room and don’t have enough clearance for the light sensors, Bit can switch modes for follow-me. Maybe at that point, it could use the ultrasonic distance sensors.

We definitely need a fuel gauge on Bit to monitor battery voltage and maybe battery voltage vs. performance because we definitely see a difference in performance when the battery is low.