• Now available for purchase on the website

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  • RoutaBoard reviewed in EEVBlog

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    Starting somewhere after 20:00. I would say that is a nice and positive review :)

  • Updated

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    I have updated the look and layout of RoutaBoard.

    The two-layer RoutaBoard has a new pattern on the bottom side now. It consists of a number of horizontal traces running above and under every cell and optionally connected to two more global busses *4 and *5. These horizontal faces are local busses in RBDL, called *U and *D, and they have following number indicating the row, i.e. *U16, *D7, etc. The *U local bus passes above the cells of the same row, and the *D local bus passes under the cells of the same row. The local buses can be used for routing, or by optionally connecting them to the new global busses *4 and *5 – for power supply and other purposes. All *U local buses can be connected to *4, and all *D local buses – to *5.

    Obviously the upgrades related to *4, *5, and the local buses, concern the two-layer boards only.

    The PCB overlay is also much improved with better texts and lines indicating the buses. Every fifth cell is also clearly marked in the overlay layer, so counting is much easier now. And yes, almost forgot something very important – the now logo is flipped now to represent the original cell pattern. 

    Of course all this has given some additions to the RBDL itself. The new document along with newly updated RoutaEdit can be downloaded from http://routaboard.com In addition to these upgrades to RoutaBoard, there is a small change in the “Entry” model (only). Now it is 16x24 cell matrix, not 16x20 as it was initially.

    RoutaEdit has been significantly improved as well. It supports printing now, two layers, adding jumper wires (well, who needs them, anyway?), and most importantly – it is built around the new RoutaBoard format now.

  • It is on!

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