Choosing a Jupiter Radiotelescope

A project log for Stereophonic Jupiter

Using two amateur radio-astronomy receivers separated by 300km's to make a stereo recording of jupiter's noise.

Andre EstevesAndre Esteves 07/09/2016 at 01:020 Comments

There are several Jupiter radiotelescope plans available on the web. American ones usually end up using american components which are more difficult to source in Europe, but, I have come across a version of NASA's public outreach Jupiter radiotelescope, the JOVE project, in September's 2010 Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine and its design has been made simpler and with European components - (Australian ones too... let's see how that goes).

You can find an extract of that magazine, with the related article, on this project files section. link:

For our american readers, i'll leave the webpage address of Nasa's outreach decametric radiotelescope project:

I'll be sourcing components and posting them on the project's BOM.