High Voltage Source

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Open-source plans for a water purifier utilizing an electric arc

NathanStrachenNathanStrachen 05/27/2016 at 15:490 Comments

For the high voltage, there are two main ideas:

1) Flyback transformer stolen from a CRT TV set:

One could perhaps make use of the tremendous amount of e-waste in third world countries. On second thought, having to disassemble a CRT does not exactly make it easy to assemble. Its still an idea though.

2) High Voltage Module:

I really like this module for several reasons. First, it is very affordable, and very easy to use. I recently received one in the mail, and it is very powerful for its size. Its the perfect HV supply for a supercapacitor, because of its low voltage, high current input.

My only concern is the lifetime of the device. I suspect that proper care of the device will result in a very long lifetime.