Adding Keyboard functionality and making dynamic Image save path

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An open-source, ultra-low cost, portable screening device for retinal diseases

Ayush YadavAyush Yadav 06/13/2016 at 10:200 Comments

So, the next thing that was implemented was a JQuery keyboard.
It pops up when you click on a text box input field. You can accept and then submit the query.

The code used for the keyboard was from the following source.

The following are the images relating to it:

The page is shown as above.

On touching the text field a keyboard appears which can be used for touch inputs.

The other thing that has been corrected is the path for saving images. Till now we were saving the images on a static path. But now the images will be saved in the root folder of the application in /images directory.
A separate directory is created for every patient.