OS Upgrade and introduction of WiFi enabled device

A project log for Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope

An open-source, ultra-low cost, portable screening device for retinal diseases

Ayush YadavAyush Yadav 08/30/2016 at 08:200 Comments

This log includes major upgrades included in the current system.

Till now we had been using an older OS incompatible with RPi 3 since the display could have only worked with that image. Additionally it caused the trouble where the onboard or external wifi dongles were not able to work with it.

Since Waveshare introduced the new RPi 3 compatible image, we tried to build the entire system ( dependencies ) again onto the new OS.

This is the OS that was used :
Raspbian Jessies waveshare 5" LCD (B) display - compatible image for RPi 3. ( Webpage | Image )

Later we installed/performed the following onto the Pi.

1) OpenCV

2) pigpiod

3) All flask and python dependencies

4) Expanded Filesystem

5) Configured picamera

6) Configured crontab to start the required processes at system startup

7) Installed Chromium

After performing all these we were able to make a " Burn and Run " image of the device.
Now this image can be burnt onto any sdcard and inserted into the pi to be used for making the OWL device and we are ready to go.

You can download the OIO/OWL device image here.

This image is not final and we will still be adding more functionalities to the device. A few exception handling issues are yet to be resolved.

Issues resolved after this:

1) Reduced System boot up time.

2) Wifi enabled

3) Lighter OpenCV (not all unessential dependencies were installed)

4) Overall increase in system performance