Multiple Minor Software Tweaks

A project log for Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope

An open-source, ultra-low cost, portable screening device for retinal diseases

Ayush YadavAyush Yadav 10/04/2016 at 04:310 Comments

A number of minor tweaks were done to the software to make sure that the software runs smoothly.

Individual tweaks can be viewed from the GITHUB repo.

Here we'll mention about the two major updates that were done which may not be visible normally.

1) Changing of the pins : The GPIO pins have been changed for the LEDs . This is because the printed PCB was fitting into the GPIO only in that manner.
Although there was no major update in the code that was there but the pins are now changed and it can be something hard to find.

2) Allowing multi-threading in the flask app : The flask app was crashing every now and then whenever we wanted to get the theia grading. This was later solved using the following attribute while running the app.'', threaded = True)

Earlier it was giving an 'Internal Server Error' if Theia returned no value or timed out.

Next up is creating a robust system for handling all types of errors.