Back From Superconference 2016

A project log for Affordable Reflectance Transformation Imaging Dome

A simple and inexpensive way to image and analyze subtle surface details on objects.

Leszek PawlowiczLeszek Pawlowicz 11/07/2016 at 20:410 Comments

Back from the Superconference. I'm a reasonably smart guy, but being in the company of those attendees made me feel totally inadequate - a massive amount of brainpower and expertise on display, but in the friendliest and most self-effacing of ways. Glad I went.

Given the competition, I was blown away by winning second place. My thanks to the judges for evaluating my project so highly, and to the entire Hackaday staff for running the competition and Superconference.

My second-place award was announced by Dr. Christal Gordon, who made a useful suggestion to me. The target audience for my gizmo includes museums and schools that may not have the making expertise required to build one of these, even with my OCDishly-comprehensive instructions. She suggested that a local group of makers could help these institutions out by getting together over a weekend, and cooperatively building such a system. One of my project logs discusses this very briefly, but I'll be adding a more comprehensive breakdown/flowchart of how a system could be assembled quickly by a group of makers by parallelizing the build.

Even though I've won a prize, this project isn't done yet. I still have some loose odds and ends to complete, and the documentation needs to be assembled into a coherent manual for assembly. I have some longer-term plans as well, but still have to figure out how to do them. Stay tuned for more. And if you're building a system, please let me know, and don't hesitate to contact me if you need help or advice.