New RTI Processor Software Up

A project log for Affordable Reflectance Transformation Imaging Dome

A simple and inexpensive way to image and analyze subtle surface details on objects.

Leszek PawlowiczLeszek Pawlowicz 11/30/2016 at 18:050 Comments

I've polished up and tested the .Net version of the RTI Processor software, and it seems to work fine. So I've pulled the older version (written in VB6) from the Files section, and replaced it with the newer version. I've also modified the instructions for calibration and sample runs, but the differences between old and new versions are trivial. Source code isn't up yet - have to clean it up, comment it properly, and may also add some additional features.

I've also updated some of the PDF files in the Manual zip files, located in the Files section, a process that will continue slowly but continuously. From now on, these will be the primary instructions for building and using the dome, rather than the instructions on the Hackaday project page. I will try to keep the Hackaday instructions updated, but it's really cumbersome and difficult to edit those pages, so I can't promise that they will be updated in a timely fashion. Not only will the PDFs always be kept up to date, it's far easier to use them as a guide to construction than the online pages.