A project log for Affordable Reflectance Transformation Imaging Dome

A simple and inexpensive way to image and analyze subtle surface details on objects.

Leszek PawlowiczLeszek Pawlowicz 03/11/2017 at 22:120 Comments

A few items of interest....

1. Just got back from the "Illumination Of Material Culture" symposium on RTI at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Full house of 115 attendees, lots of great presentations and conversations. Videos of some of the presentations are online at the Met's Facebook page.

2. Just posted a slightly-revised version of the RTI Processor software. Discovered that problems might occur if you try to process two sets of data simultaneously with the RTI fitters. Now there's a popup that cautions you against running two sets of data at one. You can always run in batch processing mode to get around this limitation. Source code isn't up for this yet, and I am working on a bigger update that will vastly speed up processing of groups of data, so I'll hold off on updating the source code until then.

3. Jean Roc Morreale, in the IT department for archaeology, Département du Pas-de-Calais, has transferred the build documentation over to a read the docs web page. Looks really nice, and I will probably keep the build instructions as current as possible on both that site and the PDFs on this site, and bail on updating the instructions on the Hackaday website. He's also translating the instruction to French prefatory to having a system built.

4. The University Of Minnesota has built two domes based on my design, one small and one big. Reports are that it works exactly as intended. Here are a few photos they sent me: