Working HMD support

A project log for Robot for telepresence and VR experiments

This is a robot platform with stereo cameras and omniwheel drive. It can be connected to HMD (e.g., google cardboad, ocolus rift, ...)

BTomBTom 08/20/2016 at 16:530 Comments

The in-game browser approach is good for now. I finally solved to display the two camera image to separate eyes near real time.

I used two browser to display the separate images. I found this solution, how to display different images to each eye.


My solution is similar, but consist of a webBrowser, and SceneCaptureComponent2D to fill the left, or right eye image:

I think the new version of the unreal engine, and the separated html files fixed the previous latency problems.

In the future, I will try the engine built in media stream reader to display the video. But currently it can't read mjpeg_streamer.