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15% of the population or 21 million in the US could save $100 a year

david-thomasDavid Thomas 05/30/2016 at 01:430 Comments

Use this video till 2:30 to teardown(should apply for both LG gas and electric dryers). Looks like its alot but only takes about 10 min to teardown.

You can do this lightbulb mod when tearing down to save a little energy(totally optional)

Internal Mods to Gas and electric dryers LG Dryers are about 90% similar, but still tread lightly, and test before throwing clothes in later. The "holes" I'm refering to are on the back of that assembly, don't cover the small round holes!

Re-assemble the dryer by re-watching this video from 3:39 on. Takes about 10 min.

Intake and filter setup