I am going to build a jailbreak and jailbreak system for IOS.

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I am going to try to pull off a jailbreak for IOS.

What is IOS: IOS is the software that powers you iPhone/iPad/iPod etc.

What is a jailbreak: IOS is running what's called a closed system (like IOS) which means it does not allow the user to design or control that much of how it works or how it does the programs it is assigned to do and the user can only use what the program is set to do.
Example: If you were thrown in jail and could only do what you where to told to do everyday then that would be an un-jailbroken device. If you had a jailbreak you would be the guard who gets to control the schedule and prison or phone.

If you would like to support this projeect then go to any salcial media platform and start the #FreeTheDevice

I would love to have someone to work with and you can message me on Istagram

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