Project Log 4 - Focusing on the Future

A project log for ORB 3D Printer

Superfast Modular 3D Printing

thomas-suarezThomas Suarez 05/31/2016 at 01:310 Comments

June 2016

With the core mechanics implemented, we are working to improve the speed at which the ORB can operate. With initial concepts for MultiHeat, Multi-Material, and Laser Scanner, we are excited to move to the next phase of the project, incorporating new technologies into 3D printers for faster print speeds and accessibility for the end-user.

Parallel to these mechanical improvements, we are standardizing the printed circuit boards (PCBs) for each PEASH module and incorporating the electrical components such as wiring and input/output ports into a more production-ready design.

We are developing an Alpha version of the ORB Studio software, so that we can begin testing with a small community of users. This will allow us to gather feedback so we can rapidly improve ORB Studio, making the ORB 3D printing experience as easy as using a paper printer.

We are enthusiastic about the progress we have made thus far and excited to share our project with the world, working with a growing community of users who will use 3D printing technology to shape our world.