Pintus is an application that vends data from Nigerian networks

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According to statistics by the Nigerian communication commission, the number of internet users has increased to 97.21 million as at November 2015. World internet usage statistics shows that Nigeria has the highest ratio of mobile data users to total internet users in the world.
For an end customer to get data, he/she must purchase and load multiple recharge cards and recall subscription activation codes. Lastly, before the fee actually paid for data gets to the telecom company it has been nipped by 2 to 3 credit card printers and distributors.
Pintus has found a way to eliminate this barbaric process with the development of a mobile application that enables users activate data subscription with any desired credit/debit card. However, Pintus is requesting for a 3rd party data subscription activation API.
With the increasing demand for data and the global shift of the telecommunication industry worldwide to data and mobile broadband communications, Pintus is the future.

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