Mounting the Switch Module

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A small and flexible system for building a home automation system.

SiggiSiggi 07/26/2016 at 19:360 Comments


One might be wondering, how the switch module can fit into a standard switch plate. In our house we are using a model which provide a mounting frame for it. Therefore it's easy to mount everything into this frame. The pictures shows how I have it done. It contains two switch modules with eight buttons.

The boards and frames are fixed hot glue.

The switch plates are a little modified on the back to fit it into the system.

Front View

Front view

On the upper half shows a complete systems. On the lower half the switch plates are left for better look onto the frame. It can be seen that the switch plates are clipped into a frame.

Back View

Back view

The back view shows how flat everything fits into the cover. It is possible to mount it directly onto the wall with a small hole for the bus wires.

If there is a flush socket than it's possible to mount additional a relay module under the switch.