OpenCV AI Kit as a solid stereo camera option

A project log for DIY Stereo Camera

Creating an open source and economical Stereo camera dev kit. For VR and 3d video use.

Bryan LyonBryan Lyon 01/12/2021 at 02:101 Comment

The newest stereo cameras have done most of what I was hoping to accomplish here with this project.  It's not super-cheap, but it can be run on next to any source since it has onboard processing.

I've just started playing with mine, but so far it was cheap enough that I grabbed 3 Oak-Ds just in case I could get them to work for a project.

While I still think that 2k cameras aren't enough for pure-stereo vision with quality depth, hopefully the powerful onboard controller chip (the Movidius-X, the same chip in the Neural Compute Stick 2.) may allow for enough processing (including AI) to make the depth signal high quality and clear.


Brandon wrote 01/16/2021 at 05:19 point

Thanks for writing about us!  And feel free to ping us any time!  And our Discord is here for real-ish-time discussion:

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