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A project log for DIY Stereo Camera

Creating an open source and economical Stereo camera dev kit. For VR and 3d video use.

Bryan LyonBryan Lyon 12/05/2016 at 20:470 Comments

As time goes one, more and more options are becoming available. This is of course, as I expected, I only hopped to be farther along on this project when this time came.

Right now, there is a kickstarter going on for a new SOC board. You can find it at . This board is interesting because it contains dual MIPI-CSI ports. This is, as you know, a critical part for moving on. The board is rather pricey at $160 each (A few $140 early birds available at the time of writing). I've sent a message to the makers of this board and hope to talk to them more about it's future developments.

Another project that I've been following since Maker Faire this summer is . They're aiming to offer FPGA powered cameras. Now, they do intend to offer dual camera boards, but also interestingly because of the FPGA and the design, it's possible to link two of these cameras into a makeshift dual camera setup. This is an extremely pricey but amazingly powerful system since you can do anything you need, all the way down to the firmware. They're hoping to demonstrate full frame uncompressed 4k video in the next few weeks, I'm excited to see that and have been in contact with the men behind the project. They're keeping me up to date with the developments and are excited with getting their cameras into our hands.

Finally, I've gone and gotten myself Lytro Illum camera. These are interesting because they can do a lot of stereoscopic camera tricks with a single lens! By capturing the light field instead of just a 2d array of pixels, the camera can recreate the 3d environment after the fact. This is amazingly cool and it lets you play with 3d photos using a single lensed camera. The company behind them is actually developing the technology into high end VR camera systems.

The project itself is still in a sort of holding pattern, but I'm excited to see what comes out soon. As always, if you're willing to help out feel free to toss me a line and let me know what you'd be interested in doing.