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Open source hardware environment for machine learning so that these algorithms can eventually be applied to more complex real life systems.

TomTom 04/17/2018 at 01:212 Comments

Finally got some of the bugs worked out of the electronics and software. It was exciting to get things up and running, so we put together some simple concepts. On this one we set up "P" proportional controller with a negative gain such that it would cause the system to go unstable. The reason for this was to see if we had enough speed and torque to flip the pendulum upright. 


Tom wrote 6 days ago point

Just using a GT2 belt drive, reason being is that they are low cost and easy to come by thanks to the 3D printing world.
 The motor is a NEMA 23 stepper, we upgraded from a NEMA 17 and added a larger 60 tooth drive gear.

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Steve Shaffer wrote 04/18/2018 at 22:26 point

Love it! What motor, and drive system (motor controller, rack & pinion?) are you using?

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