4. A quick video of the breadboarded prototype

A project log for SPUD - A self-contained scanner camera

"Scanning Photodiode-array captUre Device" - a digital camera based on TSL1406RS array to capture medium format 0.8MP images.

Kevin KadookaKevin Kadooka 06/16/2016 at 05:420 Comments

Here it is in all its chunky, wired-up glory! I've written some basic code to take measurements from the linear array, and scan it across an image. In addition to saving images to the SD card, they can also be previewed and magnified on the TFT screen. I forgot to show this in the video, but there's also an autoexposure option which cycles through a range of integration times, and chooses the one corresponding to a specified gray value (here 22% gray).

I am very anxious to get the PCB's in the mail from Seeedstudio (despite some billing issues). Then the fun can really begin :)