5. PCBs have landed

A project log for SPUD - A self-contained scanner camera

"Scanning Photodiode-array captUre Device" - a digital camera based on TSL1406RS array to capture medium format 0.8MP images.

Kevin KadookaKevin Kadooka 06/23/2016 at 05:220 Comments

The PCBs have arrived! They arrived a lot sooner than I thought (purchased from Seeedstudio last week, shipped on Monday, and arrived Wednesday), so some of the electronics bits haven't arrived yet. Here they are, with the main board on the left, and sensor board on right.

Despite some of the parts not arriving yet, I did have the components to populate the sensor board: one TSL1406RS, one 0805 0.1 uF capacitor, and one 1 mm pitch, 8-pin ribbon connector.

The TSL1406RS has really small holes for a male header, so I just soldered some thin solid core wire between it and the PCB so that it sits flush.

Here's the back, with the FFC (ribbon) connector and decoupling cap soldered on.

Dunno why I hadn't thought to do this earlier, but I took out the macro lens and tried for a close-up of the sensor. Pixel "#1" is located on the far bottom of the photo - here you can see each of the individual pixels! The 768-pixel 1406RS consists of 6 128-pixel dies spliced together. The pixel pitch is pretty big - 65 um or so. There are the black squares just left of center. Neat!

I hope the rest of the SMD components will show up tomorrow or Friday so I can finish populating the main board - just did a few parts here and there for now. Fingers crossed that it all works out when it's all together. Until then, here's a few glamour shots of the pieces I have tacked down so far.

Behold my ugly soldering of a SOT-23 MCP73831 - I'll try to sop up some of the stray flux with some IPA later.

Detail of the 8-pin FFC connector. These are easier to solder than I thought! :)