Nixie Tube Display Module

This is a useful four digit self-contained Nixie display module with colorful backlighting that is controlled from a serial link.

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Many people build Nixie tube clocks but I wanted to make a display module that could be used for anything. You can use this display to build a retro-looking clock, scoreboard, etc and send it serial data from the Arduino or other platform.

You can send commands to select the number to display, change the colors, and flash the colon lights. The hard work is done for you.

The default software also includes a voltmeter mode which allows for stand-alone display of millivolts - no external controller required. Runs from 9-12V and includes an on-board 180V power supply to drive the tubes.

This module makes use of IN-4 Nixie tubes which can be easily replaced because they plug into the on-board sockets.

This project is complete and these boards are available to purchase on Etsy at

The NixiePop controller is a general purpose 4-digit Nixie tube controller with programmable backlighting and a colon.

  • High quality gold plated surface mount PCB
  • Four digit Nixie display; product includes tubes.
  • RGB LED back-lighting on each tube independently programmable to generate multiple colors
  • The colon indicator can also be turned on and off
  • Modules can be stacked next to each other for more digits
  • Runs from 9-12V, with on-board 180V power supply
  • Easily controlled by a serial line from the Arduino or any micro-controller or laptop to display any digits
  • The board can also function as a stand-alone voltmeter
  • Based on the familiar ATMega328
  • Comes pre-programmed with open source display software
  • Easily customized via the ISP port using standard tools
  • Most spare micro-controller pins are accessible at the connector
  • Based on plug-in IN-4 Nixies which are easily replaced
  • Schematics and code are available for easy hacking

View a video of the prototype module on YouTube here.

NixiePop schematic.

NixiePop software.

You can find the full documentation here.

Check out clandestign's page for a cool music synth using this board.


Documentation for the Nixie module

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