Four New TrillSat Videos

A project log for TrillSat

Texting Without Cell Towers, Power Grid, or the Internet: IoT meets AX.25 Aboard an Arboreal Space Elevator

Lee DjavaherianLee Djavaherian 08/24/2018 at 01:310 Comments

I spent the last three days making 4 new videos for TrillSat:

  1. Introduction
  2. XMPP Command System
  3. Tethered Haptic Morse Code System
  4. Inertial Gyrofan

I still need to make 3 more videos (the power regulation, motor drive, and packet radio systems), but these are more complicated for me to demonstrate, so I'll work on those videos at a later time.  But I hope they now give you a better feel for the device, such as the scale of the craft, how it swings, and how the command systems work.  It's buggy and rough, but it's a real thing.

I decided to go ahead and create a YouTube channel called TrillSat just for this project and moved my old motor control test video to the new channel.  Anyway, here they are: