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A project log for Mix-A-Bot

A drink mixing robot

gmccauleygmccauley 05/21/2014 at 17:560 Comments

I'm still in the experimental stages.  I purchased a Beagle Bone Black as the brains of Mix-A-Bot based on the vast amount of GPIOs.  While a simple drink mixing robot probably doesn't need that many GPIOs, like with everything I do, I have ideas of grandeur when it comes to sensors and the like.  I'd like for Mix-A-Bot to be able to sense when a glass is present or not so as to not make a mess.  I'd also like to sense when a bottle is empty so as to not offer a drink using that bottle.  I'd also like to use a sensor to determine when the glass is getting close to full so it doesn't matter if you use a shot glass or a red solo cup and have Mix-A-Bot fill the glass/cup automagically.

I've had the BBB for a while now, and I bought two pumps to try out then the project kinda stalled.

I just purchased a 7 inch touchscreen which should be here this week.  I'll start working on programming a basic GUI for the touchscreen and then get something put together for a very basic proof of concept and then I can start adding nice to haves.

I'm still debating on wireless/mobile access.  I'm thinking the touchscreen should be more than enough.  I've also been kicking around the idea of RFID tags to be able to offer favorite drinks based on which tag is scanned and keep track of who made which drink based on which tag was scanned.

I think the hardest part of this project is going to be a power supply given my limited knowledge to this point of power and electronics....but hey...gotta learn somehow.  :-)