Initial Log

A project log for FlightCPU

An embedded data recorder for High Altitude Balloons.

JeremyJeremy 06/07/2016 at 22:480 Comments

Hi Everybody!

This past spring, my brother and I launched a weather balloon as part of the Global Balloon Challenge. It was our first endeavor in such a project, but had a complete blast designing, constructing, launching, and finally retrieving the balloon.

This project is focused on the actual Flight CPU I designed and built in an effort to log the data as the High Altitude Balloon rose through the atmosphere.

The Flight CPU is designed around the ATMEGA328P so it can easily be developed using Arduino tools. All sensor modules communicate with the uC using I2C with while the MicroSD card is accessed on the SPI buss. Data is logged on the MicroSD card at various resolutions depending on the sensor.

Sensors include: Gyroscope/Accelerometer, Compass, Temp/Humidity, Barometer.

Check back later as we update the page with build details and instructions on how to replicate. If you want to get an early jump, head over to the GitHub Repo and check out the hardware and software.