Main LaserOscope II Article is Completed (Mostly)

A project log for LaserOscope II

DIY Simple Analog Oscilloscope With a Scanning Laser Built From a Pile of Toys

steve-schulerSteve Schuler 06/10/2016 at 13:030 Comments

The main part of my LaserOscope II article is completed. It needs a bit of tweaking so I'll continue to try to improve it. If anyone has suggestion for improvements to this article please post your suggestions, complaints, stuff that you might be confused about (whatever I have failed to make clear), etc. in the comments. If you like this project, please don't hesitate to click the like button.

The postulated audience for this project are parents who are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) workers, K-12 educators, post-secondary educators, homeschoolers, and DIYers/Makers/Hardware Hackers.

Snap Circuits is recommended for ages 8 or older but of course it would be up to parents to determine if it is appropriate for children younger than 8 (NOTE: project does include small parts. And frickin' laser beams).

As it says on my profile: "You may try my projects AT YOUR OWN RISK--there are infinite ways to damage or destroy people and property, I can't think of them all."