Exploration Projects: Submarine!

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blorggggblorgggg 06/07/2016 at 02:450 Comments

The boat lab is going great! For each project log, i am going to add a highlight to some of the amazing projects we have going on! First up the submarine!

We want the sea to be open to all! Some people don't have the physical abilities to actually go snorkeling or scuba diving.

For this reason and important feature of our boat lab was an accessible submarine. This can be piloted around the reef nearby from up on the boat lab. It can visually monitor the health of the reef and give people a first encounter with robotics. It also has built in lights so it can explore the reef even during the night when it is harder for humans to go down there themselves.

We were lucky to have won this submarine (which we dubbed "Sabmarino" in the local dialect) from a previous instructable contest. It is an OpenROV 2.7 kit. Building the submarine from the kit was a valuable workshop in itself.