Mobility and Modularity

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Build your own floating, self-sustainable ecological makerspace! Work to help nature, surrounded by nature!

blorggggblorgggg 06/07/2016 at 02:580 Comments

Since it is a modular system, the whole lab can be installed on new sites with (relative) ease!

Picture of Mobility and Modularity

While floating, the whole raft can be towed or pushed to new locations by only a couple of people.

The modules can also be detached from each other, and function independently as smaller rafts! As mentioned earlier, the only downside to independently floating rafts, is that they wiggle more when larger waves hit, and can cause sea-sickness while soldering.

The modules can be carried over land by a group of 10-14 people (they are HEAVY). They can be loaded onto cars and moved wherever they need to go next! If moving the raft from one environment to the other, be careful about checking to see if you might be introducing invasive lifeforms to the new place.