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Can we build a great board for under $400 in less than 3 weeks? (using a few pre-made kit parts)

dudeskidaddydudeskidaddy 07/19/2016 at 17:540 Comments

Wheel fell off during a ride

Luckily I wasn't going fast or this could have really sucked. Bearing failed on the drive wheel and the wheel fell off...nut still attached.. Anyway, we think we know the story of what happened.

What happened.

Some pictures of the carnage.

Bearing toast.

This is where the rear sprocket was making contact with the mount. You can see where it's been worn down (silver ring). You might notice the wear pattern is a bit non-symmetrical...more wear on one side of the sprocket. This shows how the sprocket is not perfectly aligned to the wheel. I've made a previous log about this problem, but this is best I can align the them.

Lots of aluminum powder came out of the wheel hub when I took off the sprocket.

After about 5-8 miles, the heat shrink is pretty much toast from the slight wiggle in the mount-trunk union. Just can't get a perfect, permanent fit. Heat shrink probably isn't the best material for actually.


So this is our first "test" board. We plan on making for me and 2 more for the boys. It's been a really great learning process and we've had lots of fun. What's next?