Entry #2: App Development Process

A project log for HackADay App

HackADay needs an app... and I want to build it.

george.burrowsgeorge.burrows 05/22/2014 at 08:430 Comments

This entry should be significantly shorter than the first one.  What I want to talk about in this post is the app development process and the tools I am going to use along the way.

It is critical for any project to have a design process. Without a design process, a project is virtually guaranteed to fail. There is too much that can go wrong throughout the course of building the project.  That being said, let's look at the app development guide that Apple has posted to help app developers build a successful app.

1) Define the concept.

Some questions to help with this:

Who is your audience? - My audience is people like me!  People who are interested in the creative process, engineering, hacking, DIY, etc.  People who want to know how things work, and how they can use that knowledge to build other fun and exciting tools and toys.

What is the purpose of your app? - The purpose of my app is to make a richer mobile experience for HackADay readers.  I plan to bring the standard HackADay experience to mobile readers, and to it by adding features that aren't available on the the website.

What problem is your app trying to solve? - As exciting and thought provoking as the HackADay website is, the reading HackADay on a mobile could be better.

What content will your app incorporate? - This is easy.  The app will incorporate any data that could be found on a web page - But the main three types of content are text, image, and video.

2) Design & define the UI (user interface).

3) Implement the behavior.

4) Incorporating the data.

The next step is to talk about designing and defining the UI.  That is going to get it's own post.