• Features

    Alex Hiam06/08/2016 at 15:10 0 comments

    The uBeagle's current features are:

    * Battery connector (using the battery management in the internal PMIC)
    * USB connector for network access, charging and power
    * DC input for power/charge (will add 5V regulator)
    * EEPROM for board ID info
    * uSD card
    * Power and reset buttons

    In other words, it's basically a bare minimum BeagleBone Black.

    I've left off the USB host connector, as when running on just the battery there is only 3.3V present. I don't see any real reason to include the USB host anyways, as this is meant to be more of a small embeddable board, though it does mean there's currently no form of network connectivity. I'm considering adding a WiFi/BT module - I'm thinking about the WL1835MOD, which is what's on the BeagleBone Green Wireless and is therefore proven working, but it's also pretty darn expensive and I'd like to keep the cost as low as possible.