TS9 to F connector

How to make a TS9 cell phone to F connector adapter using stuff in your garage.

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I recently needed to connect my ATT Unite Pro Mifi hotspot to an external antenna. Rather than wait for the TS9 connector from Amazon, I found some stuff around the shop that worked perfectly. The inexpensive ones from Amazon ship from Hong Kong, so that's a couple weeks I wasn't willing to wait.

Works well.  You can apply way more force to this connector than you should just by attaching your RG-6 to it so please use caution.

  • 1 × 1/8 in pop rivet Remove the stem, and ream out the inside slowly until you get a press fit on you TS9.
  • 1 × F union I stole mine from a faceplate.
  • 1 × RG-59 cable A couple of inches of cable
  • 1 × RG-59 connector I had a new one. Cutting a used one off the end of your existing cable works too.

  • 1
    Step 1

    Remove the post from your pop rivet.  Ream out the inside slowly until it is a press fit on your TS9 connector.  I used a drill press with a small drill bit to do this.

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    Step 2

    Cut off the RG-59 connector just behind the nut.  Sand to clean it up if desired.

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    Step 3

    Cut off a short section of RG-59 cable.  Strip both ends so you are left with the center conductor, an inch of exposed wire on one end, and 3/8in on the other.  Rotate it between your fingers and sand down the remaining foam insulation so it is a press fit in your pop rivet.  Keep the wire centered.  This took me 2 tries to get right. 

    Sand down the wire end so it's about 1/2 the original width.  Round off the end slightly.  Test fit it into your TS9 connector.  DO NOT FORCE IT.  

    Remove the foam from the wire, and press it into the rivet until it is about 1 diameter of the rivet from the end.  Trim the extra foam from the back of the rivet.

    Push the wire back into the foam, which will now be a snug fit, until it is even with the end of the rivet.

    Measure out the remaining wire against your F union and cut it off about 1/4 inch shorter than the rear of your union.  The extra length keeps the wire from pushing back into the connector when you push it onto your TS9.

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Dave wrote 11/28/2020 at 17:30 point

Thank you, this was very useful! I just got a Netgear Nighthawk M1 that has ts9 connectors. My existing antenna array is all F and sma connectors. This was a very easy solution and a great chance to recycle some parts.

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