Dragon Detector

A DragonBoard 410C based security system designed to look for Dragons

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The passive infra-red sensor detects motion in front of the detector and activates the WebCam to take a picture. This is analysed by OpenCV to determine if the movement was a dragon. If a dragon is identified then the system makes a call to IFTTT, triggering a notification on a mobile phone.

The project was enhanced with a 3D printed knight and a servo to move the arm. The RGB LEDs were placed in his head and the body contains the servo. These are all controlled with a PiCon Zero board connected via some level shifters.

  • 1 × DragonBoard410C
  • 2 × Level Shifter 4 channel FET based level shifter module
  • 2 × RGB LED 5mm
  • 1 × WebCam Logictech QuickCam
  • 1 × PIR Module HC-SR501 Passive IR PIR Sensor

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  • Demo on 96Boards

    Andy from Workshopshed01/27/2017 at 09:01 0 comments

    Back in December I did a session with the 96Boards Community. We chatted about why I did the project and finished up with a demo of the detector in action.

  • PIR checkup and Dropbox

    Andy from Workshopshed11/14/2016 at 09:55 0 comments

    I checked on the PIR and it is working correctly. To test it, I wired an LED between the module's output and gnd. The LED was going on for about 3s each time motion was detected. I trimmed this down to around 2s which should be plenty to ensure that the code detects the event.

    So I'm still not quite sure why the triggering failed in the last demo but it's not a problem with timing / code.

    My PIR testing is mostly done in low light so I'll have to find time in the day to check it with lots of light.

    Also as Robert Wolff from 96Boards kept telling people that the project uploaded the captured images to your phone I thought I better update the code to do that before the demo during the 96Boards session early in December.

  • Problems with PIR

    Andy from Workshopshed10/31/2016 at 14:14 0 comments

    The PIR was not working correctly at the talk until it was completely blocked. Looking back at the video footage I'm wondering if the auto focus from the camera was some how jamming the IR sensor.

  • Knight V2

    Andy from Workshopshed10/31/2016 at 14:11 0 comments

    Last week I got the 3D printed knight working with the servo and PiconZero box, just in time for the talk.

    I've written up all the details over on the Workshopshed Blog

  • Talk

    Andy from Workshopshed09/08/2016 at 10:20 0 comments

    Looks like I'm going to be giving a presentation on this project in October at Skills Matter in London

  • Headers for the DragonBoard 410C

    Andy from Workshopshed07/07/2016 at 15:52 0 comments

    Finally got myself some 2mm headers for the DragonBoard so that I can wire this up properly.

    Need to prime and paint the knight and will likely re-wire the LEDs so that green works properly

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