A long overdue update

A project log for Evolving 68K

Because I'm too poor for a full computer

FloppidyDingoFloppidyDingo 07/15/2020 at 08:410 Comments

Time for a long overdue update of this project. I have decided to move from the Z80 to the 68K, due to working with the Z80 a lot and wanting to work with something new.

Since last log entry, I have been researching older computer architecture, especially of the older macs. I'm starting with the analog board and the CRT, with lots of progress made so far in my research. I have designed and made most of the power supply and the horizontal circuit, I still have yet to figure out the vertical circuit and the video amp. The tube however is showing very dim and I will have to figure out why. I'm certain it's my circuit, as the tube came from a working TV. I also have yet to test the power supply on mains voltage due to being too scared, It seems to work on lower voltages though just not outputting the correct voltage due to starving it. One possible issue I can see is one of the resistors is starting to burn, although that might be because I'm not operating the power supply correctly. No schematics yet as I want to have a working design first before I release them.