RGB LED(PWM/I2C) and Sound controller

Another interactive device for action figures

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This RGB LED and sound controller board is for any home decoration and entertainment applications. To show one specific application, I build an upgraded Action Figure Display that can play sounds and run programmable light effects. You can play theme songs, sound tracks, and sound effects from movie. In addition to that, programmable RGB LEDs comes into special effect flavors with configurable blink and fade delay time. The pre-programmed light effects showcase THUNDER, FIRE, RAINBOW, random colors, aura etc. The device has ready-to-interface sensor connector for motion detection, light trigger, temperature alarm. As a result, it unlock so many doors of application like alarm, doorbell or notification device. For programming the device, bluetooth connectivity on Android smartphone is can be used.

Basic Usage for Action Figure Display application

*Choose and place your character figures.

*Connect the external trigger and power supply.

*Open the android app and select light pattern, interval delay, colors and sound.

*Tap and hold the "Send" button to upload new command data, it will automatically save inside EEPROM of arduino.

*Enjoy the lights and sound that add life to your action figure

Parts and Function


  • wireless control using Android smartphone
  • sends data of sound file to play and what kind of LED light effect
  • up to 10 meters line-of-sight
  • cannot send audio file, command data only

Micro-sdcard storage

  • can store hundreds of audio file
  • audio files are transferred via laptop or smartphone sdcard slot
  • audio files can't be transferred via bluetooth

Programmable LED Light Effects

  • Any color(blink or fade from one color to another)
  • Transition or delay time is also configurable
  • Preset effects like FIRE, THUNDER, POLICE LIGHTS, DBZ Super Saiyan Aura, RED ALERT, more to come.

3.5mm Standard Audio out

  • audio out can be connected to any PC speaker(preferred), amplifier,
  • or any headphone w/ volume control

Input controls

  • can play using single tap on smartphone
  • once the smartphone is connected, it automatically becomes an SMS notifier
  • installed-ready input header pins
  • header pins can be connected to simple switch, motion sensor
  • light sensor, tilt sensor, capacitive-touch sensor

Supply Power

  • 9V or 12V, 1A or higher
  • DC adaptor or battery

The FUN stuff

  • can play any audio file(.wav file extension only)
  • DC and Marvel Super Heroes
  • Robots(Starwars Droid, Gundam, Transformer, Zoids etc.)
  • Anime(Naruto, One Piece, Bleach etc.)
  • TV Series(Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc.),
  • Nature(water, fire, thunder etc.)
  • Vehicles(engine for popular sports car like lambho, camaro etc., plane, tank, and ship models)
  • Animals(for kids, like dinosaur, zoo animal, pets, etc.)
  • Celebrities and Popular Personalities(Sports, Politics, Artists, Singers, Dancers)
  • can be used as motion activated alarm
  • can serve as night lamp
  • alternative door bell

Sample Videos:

Bigger and taller acrylic base. Still finding affordable laser cutting service in my local area.

postscript - 1.02 MB - 03/25/2017 at 06:18



I intentionally exclude the eagle schematic file. Instead, make use "Nogaro.pdf" file as reference. I need to update the circuit design.

brd - 152.96 kB - 03/25/2017 at 06:13



You can install the app to your android phone

Android Package Archive - 1.74 MB - 03/25/2017 at 06:10



I can't post the schem in eagle file. I'll be re-designing the power conditioning circuit since the current design is not optimal(but working as intended, isolate digital noise).

Adobe Portable Document Format - 19.89 kB - 03/25/2017 at 06:10


JPEG Image - 986.94 kB - 06/11/2016 at 10:14


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  • 1 × Arduino Pro mini
  • 1 × HC-05 Bluetooth Module
  • 1 × PIR Motion Sensor
  • 1 × Microsdcard Module
  • 1 × 2-8Gb microsd-card

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  • Still on my list

    untimony03/23/2017 at 13:49 0 comments

    I may have lost track of time and development but I will not forget to pursue the project. I am not yet satisfied with the current status of this project. The device is still working, I just need more time and resources to optimize the design to be more reliable and efficient. I will release my initial code and pcb design soon

  • The PCB is here!!!

    untimony07/28/2016 at 10:48 0 comments

    After weeks of waiting, the PCB is finally here fresh from China.

    It only cost me $10 for 10 panels + 2 free, each panel consist of main board and 6 RGB LED Board.

    To minimize the assembly time, I design the board to use the modules instead of making new design of each modules. See bluetooth module, microSD module and Arduino Pro Mini.

    Fully functional and ready for mass soldering, but I still need to complete the components and modules. :(

  • The acrylic enclosure is here!

    untimony07/07/2016 at 09:14 0 comments

    The white acrylic serves as diffuser.

    I still need to test the designed black acrylic if it can effectively display aura effect.

  • Enclosure Design and Fabrication

    untimony06/25/2016 at 13:10 0 comments

    I don't have 3D printer and CNC machine. All I can do is to find shops offering laser-cutting services(cheaper yet aesthetically better). It seems, there's a lot in my local place. The materials applicable for laser cutting will be acrylic black and white(diffuse light). After taking some time to design the 3D models and generated dxf files. The designs are ready to go and I hope I can get the samples next week. This will be the base stand for our project.

  • PCB Manufacturing started

    untimony06/16/2016 at 15:09 0 comments

    I'm designing the PCB for this project, the layout can adapt smd and through-hole technology, each through-hole components has its own alternative smd components. The reason why I designed the board like this, it's because I want it to be more flexible as possible, I can replace the components easily if it's not available in my local market.

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