Remote controlled audible dog ball for blind dog

Remote controlled audible dog ball for my now going blind dog.

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This is just a little project I cam up with to help my dog which has just resently become blind but still wants to play fetch. I know from playing with her she can still find he ball and retrieve it when she hears it bounce but once it has stopped moving she can't find it. Hence the idea for this project.

So far I have created the remote control and the audible receiver, I have used and edited some existing code from my wireless cctv pir project. I should be able to have the receiver unit mounted inside a dog toy by the end of the weekend so I can run some tests and hopfully get my dog to associate the audible beeps with the ball. Will also try get couple videos up of the units in action before and after installed into a dog toy.

  • 2 × Arduino mini 3.3v 8mhz
  • 2 × NRF24L01
  • 1 × Push button
  • 1 × Buzzer
  • 2 × Lion battery charger

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