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A project log for Arduino Pi: an Arduino computer for developers.

The Arduino Pi is a single board computer based on Arduino platform.

bijtajbijtaj 06/09/2014 at 22:010 Comments

Hi all,

I have to admit, although I like programming and I think that I'm good at it, I am not that great and so I am having problems fixing and debugging the code. One major error is due to the fact that gkos uses char* type and bitlash uses char type. So I always get an invalid conversion error.  So, it might take some time to finish code verification.

If anyone wants to help, post your solutions in the comments for this project. It will be greatly appreciated. I will also acknowledge those who helped in my project.


P.S. I am going to order the components and parts soon. I am also thinking about creating a 16x8 LED matrix version. Hopefully, after I finsih code verification, I can write code for such a version soon.