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A project log for BeWi - Ultra-low power wireless Beacon sensors

Use BlueTooth BLE and WiFi beacon frame to transfer sensor data, achieve ultra-low power. Based on CC2541, ESP8266 and NRF24l01+

Michael WenMichael Wen 07/07/2016 at 14:520 Comments

Here is the schematic of BeWi based on Atmega168 and NRF24l01+:

  1. Atmega168 read sensor data
  2. Atmega168 use SPI to talk to NRF24l01+ and send 2.4G BLE beacon packets
  3. Atmega168 control AO6604 to enable/disable battery charging.
  4. Atmega168 read battery voltage and decide when to charge, keep battery voltage low can greatly extend battery life
  5. HT7333 provide power to Atmega168 and NRF24l01+
  6. C2 is 0.22F super capacitor, depends on the setup, it can power BeWi alone with small solar module