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Building an HMD with no special parts, to make work easier and safer

Alain MauerAlain Mauer 12/18/2016 at 11:272 Comments

Hi, the lens is still the problem, because it is not easy to find.

I think, I found a good alternative. A small Fresnel lens. Easy to find, cheap and you can cut it with a pair of scissors.

Hopefully I will find the time to test it.

The focal length is about 110mm, with should be fine.


JVS wrote 04/24/2018 at 23:46 point

Since we're talking about the lens, why didn't you place the screen right next to the reflector instead of using the mirror? Just asking.

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saigerkevin4 wrote 03/03/2017 at 23:52 point

Hello Alain,

I really like your project. It is a great idea creating an own smart glasses. The most other tutorials are about buying a video glasses and modify them, but your project points developers out, how a smart glasses works. I am happy, that I found your project, so I got a knowledge of how it works.

Have you already tried the fresnel lens. Is it working properly? 

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