No I haven't forgotten this project.

A project log for Fiber Optic Isolated Voltage Probe

Use cheap plastic fiber optics to make a useful Isolated Voltage probe for an oscilloscope or other instrument.

BotLawsonBotLawson 02/16/2017 at 23:200 Comments

Doesn't mean I've had any time to work on it yet.

Found a few links online I want to keep track of. First is paired plastic optical fiber. This would allow a V2 probe to use differential optical signalling to eliminate offset drift and allow gain compensation. POF pair

Next link is to an e-bay power supply kit. 5-24V input to +-12, +-5, and 3v3 output all for $7.50! Not much point making my own power supply section when you can get a kit off E-bay that's cheaper.