Power LEDs breakout board

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Just another coin-size, wide input voltage range, low cost, failsafe, high power LED driver.

EnricoEnrico 06/16/2016 at 20:160 Comments

I think that also referring to what I used to test the driver can be useful/more complete.

I designed a small "satellite" that mounts 4 LEDs. There are a Luxeon Rebel series ones, that have the peculiarity to have a low forward voltage: this allow me to use any power supply more easily.

Electrically speaking, this additional board simply is a breakout, the effort was in making it small but considering its power capability. So a proper PCB design is deployed in a way that proper heatsinks can be interfaced to the LEDs without using a metal PCB.

Technical characteristics:

How I used it to test the driver:

These 4 LEDs are simply powered in serie to test the maximum efficiency of the driver, then also one of them is tested and seeing the behavior of the board.

4 Luxeon Rebel ES series are providing an average drop of 3V, therefore I used a power supply with more than 12V, and connected the EN pin to the power supply. There is no damage if the EN pin is at low or equal level of the supply, no matter what it is.

After soldering:

And here the back, before and after attaching the heatsink:


And.. voilà: